What is adaptive luma control

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What is adaptive luma control

For those of us who haven't worked in IT, our home internet network can seem a bit of a mystery. WiFi usually involves an opaque box with a lot of wires coming out, emitting this invisible aura of connectivity that seems to struggle getting through the whole house or apartment.

Sometimes the WiFi is slowersometimes it's faster, and in either case it can be hard to determine why. Would be nice if you could just "see" WiFiwouldn't it? With Atlanta WiFi startup Luma's router kit, you can. And with a recent update, you can even talk to your WiFi--and ultimately one day ask it how it's doing. Luma's routers are designed so that they can work in multiples to offer better coverage throughout the home.

The company offers a three-piece kit of routers. One that connects to ethernet, and two that amplify the first's signal. The associated mobile app allows users to see what devices are connected, restrict web access think child controlsprioritize certain devices "I'm streaming the game and I don't want to deal with buffering, so your downloads might be slower than usual"and to shut off WiFi to all or some devices.

Some home networks do allow for prioritization, but Judge says the feature as offered on traditional routers is "not user friendly. And through an upcoming integration with the Amazon Echo, users will be able to tell Echo virtual assistant Alexa to carry out prioritization and shut-off tasks.

Except the remote is voice activated, and instead of controlling your television, it controls your WiFi. There's some potential for conflict in the new voice feature. While the mobile app gives designated admins in a family, that might be a parent or parents control over what devices are connected to WiFi at a given time and which are prioritized, Alexa is not able to distinguish between one user's voice and another.

And in households where the Alexa connection is enabled, commands through the mobile app and Alexa are treated equally, with the last command receiving implementation, says Judge. You can imagine how this might play out badly if mom needs to finish downloading materials for a presentation she's working on, and the kids are insistently telling Alexa to prioritize the internet connected television.

He says the long term picture is that voice interfaces are where things are headed, and he expects the new integration to give Luma a bit of an edge over competing enhanced WiFi offerings. The immediate next step for Luma and voice interface is enabling Alexa to answer user questions about their WiFi networks, such as "hey, Alexa: How is the WiFi," he says.Q I am trying to find a TV with low light intensity since my eyes are extremely sensitive to light.

Is this true? If so, how does that work? For example, if you are watching in a bright room with overhead lights, you would increase the level of the backlight control to maximize light output.

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When viewing in a dim or dark room, you would lower the backlight to a level that permits comfortable viewing without eyestrain. While OLED models also display HDR, they achieve high contrast not through intense brightness peaks, but through ultra-low black levels, which are a native characteristic of the technology.

How Do I Get Dolby 5. Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Search form Search. Email us at AskSandV gmail. Log in or register to post comments. Related Latest Reviews News.

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what is adaptive luma control

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Tired of the same old Summer Blockbusters? News Archive : Select Date Release List. DVD Giveaways. DVD Talk Forum. Select Forum Area Price Search. Video Game Reviews. DVD Talk. New DVD Reviews.If your wifi reliability or speed drops as soon as you move a couple of rooms away from your router, a wifi mesh network could be the solution you need.

Everything from your alarm clock to your baby monitor to your stereo to your games console to your alarm system is wifi enabled, and that means you need wifi coverage everywhere. It depends on a lot of factors. Your property may be too big - most routers will reach about feet in optimum conditions.

Your property might not have optimum conditions. Wall materials like brick and stone usually found in older houses and metal and concrete usually found in newer houses can block or weaken signal. Signal can also be blocked by pipes and large appliances.

TCL P Series TV Picture Settings - history5231.pw

Signal speed will often drop off significantly as you move room by room, further from your router. But getting signal underground can be really tough - and moving your router down there would just make signal upstairs challenging! We explain how they work and review some of the most popular models.

Mesh networking is an increasing popular alternative to extenders. If your home or apartment is smaller than that, you should be fine with a high-quality router. If you already have a top quality router, another thing to try is just repositioning it. As we mentioned above, building materials and even large home appliances like refrigerators can block wifi signal.

If you can move your route to a more central location, you may be able to eliminate dead zones. Experiment with your router placement before splashing out on a mesh network. Eero uses multiple nodes or access points to create a mesh network that will cover your entire home. You plug one Eero into your modem just like a routerand the other Eero units can just be plugged in to a standard outlet.

what is adaptive luma control

The standard pack comes with three Eeros, but you can add more units if you have a very large space one Eero per 1, feet is recommendedand the units should be spaced at least 40 feet apart.

The units can be set up and paired to each other very quickly using the dedicated app, and will instantly create an incredibly fast wireless mesh network in your home. The Eero app offers a lot of network-management options.

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The Netgear Orbi has two units, each of which is a tri-band router. Setup is extremely simple - you just plug the main unit in to your modem, and plug the secondary unit into a standard outlet wherever you need additional coverage. The system will configure itself automatically. Most review sites recommend the Orbi as a first choice, and the impressive high-bandwidth backhaul which is, so far, unique to the Orbi is the main reason why.

But for us, the Eero just edges it for a handful of reasons. The first is that in our personal testing, we had some issues with the Orbi connecting to our phones properly.

The Plume is a very different type of wireless mesh network. Each unit covers one room and plugs into a wall outlet. Plume is incredibly discreet. If your house is full of smartphones, iPads, games consoles, several smart TVs and a wifi-enabled refridgerator, Plume is a mesh network that can support all of that.

What is Adaptive Control?

Where it falls down, is speeds. The final type of mesh network solution is the enterprise-grade yet still affordable Unifi system by Ubiquiti. To use Unifi, your house needs to be wired for Ethernet.

You still need a router and modem. You also need to download and install the Ubiquiti Unifi application for setup. The APs are designed to be ceiling-mounted, but you can place them on a shelf or in a cupboard. The Unifi system offers enterprise-level network functionality at home mesh network prices.

It can be configured to set up guest passes, limit bandwidth or access times for children, and assign wifi frequencies manually.Adaptive Luma Control. Automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast. This function. Active Backlight. When Active Backlight control is activated, it will.

Active Backlight and. On or Off. Blue Screen. Blue Screen is selected, the screen will. Blue Screen and press.

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Base Colour Adjustment. Base Colour Adjustment feature allows the. This can be useful when using an. It only can be adjusted when. Colour Management is set to On. Advanced Video in the. Toshiba manuals. This function enriches the colours and the depth of the picture. Active Backlight When Active Backlight control is activated, it will automatically optimise the backlighting levels for dark scenes. Blue Screen When Blue Screen is selected, the screen will turn blue and the sound will be muted when no signal is received.

Base Colour Adjustment The Base Colour Adjustment feature allows the adjustment of individual colours to suit personal preference. This can be useful when using an external source. It only can be adjusted when Colour Management is set to On. Pages: 1 … 31 32 33 34 35 … Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.It's also one of the lowest priced on the market, which might explain why it performed below average in our juried image quality tests.

While delivering many impressive user customization options, this HDTV clearly targets users on a tight budget who aren't too fussy about image and audio quality. Vizio VO42E. Judges in our lab's juried tests gave the VO42E poor marks for everything from brightness and contrast "detail loss in shadows" and color described by many as oversaturated to sharpness "details smudged" and artifacts.

These results probably reflect, at least in part, the absence of advanced technologies, starting with the VO42E's low 60Hz refresh rate. I wasn't particularly impressed by the VO42E's simulated surround sound.

Even turned up all the way, it's not very loud, and it doesn't really succeed in creating a sense of space through audio cues. Other significant missing features include the lack of picture-in-picture support, no network support and hence no Internet features and no support for a USB drive or other media for viewing stills, or playing music or video. The VO42E's main menu options include lots of presets Standard, Movie, Game, Vivid, Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, and a user-defined Custom button ; an Advanced Adaptive Luma control for adjusting brightness in dark areas; and an option for dictating whether brightness should be adjusted to save energy consumption.

Audio presets are listed as Flat, Rock, Pop, Classical, and Jazz, and there's also Lip Sync control for synchronizing the audio with the video image. The VO42E's remote control. One notable feature for a set at this price is the ability to adjust audio and picture settings for each input type. You get the option of creating your own input labels of up to 8 characters. You also get the usual controls for excluding channels when you surf and for blocking content based on ratings.

The menu also includes aspect-ratio settings Normal [], Full, two Zoom modes, Stretch, and Panoramawhich you'll typically access through the remote. The VO42E's compact, minimalist remote has no support for other home theater components. However, everything is clearly labeled and easy to access, with convenient, oversize channel and volume control rockers. How we tested. We evaluate HDTVs based on the way a typical person would, day in and day out. We evaluate HDTV image quality using juries of editors, writers, and labs analysts, using a test script developed by the lab.

Results of the subjective tests are averaged to produce final rankings. More details on our testing methodology are available for your perusal.

what is adaptive luma control

The VOE has a handsome color quick-setup guide and a good printed manual, both also available in PDF format online. Vizio's no-frills approach isn't the problem with this entry-level set: For its low-end price, you don't expect many extras. But in shopping for an HDTV that you'd expect to keep for several years, you might want to search for better image and sound quality.

Our lab has been hard at work testing HDTVs ranging in size from 40 inches to 52 inches for image At this bargain price, the LTJ will look very attractive. But there are other HDTVs that Thanks to its very good picture quality, Internet and home-network entertainment features, and At a Glance. Vizio VOE. Vizio VO42E Judges in our lab's juried tests gave the VO42E poor marks for everything from brightness and contrast "detail loss in shadows" and color described by many as oversaturated to sharpness "details smudged" and artifacts.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Pros A decent selection of customization options.

Adaptive luma control, Active backlight, Blue screen – Toshiba CV711 User Manual

Cons Sub-par image quality and mediocre audio No personal media playback or Internet features. HDTVs for the Holidays. HDTVs for the holidays.Looks better to my eyes than the original version. FYI, I had replaced the original AdaptiveSharpen version with your's the Sigmoid version in madVR last week, but then some madVR users have complained that they liked the original version better than your's.

After doing some tests and comparisons, I think there are 2 reasons for that:. I've used your latest script from yesterday for both images. To my eyes the gamma light image looks slightly "better", which is probably due to the lines appearing slightly thinner.

Toshiba Regza 26AV615DB 26in LCD TV Review

I'm not completely sure yet if gamma light always looks better, or if maybe this is specific to Anime content. For now I've added an option to let madVR users choose between gamma light and linear light sharpening.

Based on user feedback I'll decide whether to keep the linear light option or remove it. Anyway, just wanted to get this information back to you, in case you also want to give mpv users the choice between gamma and linear light sharpening. You also need to linearize RGB.

That seems weird to me? Yes, sqrt. I'm sorry, I'm probably being stupid, but what I find confusing is that your latest shader just does this:. Shouldn't I simply convert my gamma light "RGB. So shouldn't it be simply the following? I'm just suggesting you to try precise one, maybe you will like it better. Ah, now I fully understand! I still have on my to do list to re-investigate all the various AdaptiveSharpen versions.

Some anime users have complained that they liked the original version better although it had ringing problems. Maybe they will be satisfied with your edge darkening suggestion. I'll update you when I reach a "final" AdaptiveSharpen version that my users are happy with.


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